2 - 10 October, Czech Republic - Chateau Štiřín, Prague


Complete info of the track, organizational team and the venue for the World Championships including detailed information of accommodation and transport



Important information for the main race - the official ISRA rulebook, timetable, registration form, list of registered racers, ranking of drivers for 2015, results, ...



All the information needed for the warm up race - the venue of race, registration forms, list of registered racers, rules, results, accommodation and transport


The championship was great. For someone more successful and for someone less but we hope that for all it was an interesting event you have enjoyed well.

Thank you for your great participation and for your favorable responses.

Thanks are of course also to all our helpers, Tumpi, Kev and to our partners.

see you next year in Chicago
Pavel Flaisig and Jan Žemlička

You are all invited to ISRA 2015 Welcome Party on Thursday evening, 1 October at Hotel Štiřín restaurant. You will be entertained by “multirevival” band Las Vegas and their show. Two free barrels of Beer will be at disposal. Free entry.

List of Entrants was completed by the racers from Waiting list and is closed, now we have the starting list completely filled. ISRA ranking numbers were assigned to non ranked drivers. Edited timetable for ISRA Worlds will be published in a very short time.
We ask drivers, who didn't do so during registration, to give us name of their partner for Production race.

Registration for ISRA World Championship 2015 was closed 30 June. Racers with confirmed registration are published in the List of entrants. All drivers in the Waiting list will be sent e-mail with instructions on the next steps to complete their registration.

We would like to inform you that registration for ISRA World Championship 2015 ends 30 June 2015. It is necessary to be fully registered – sign up and payment – by this date, if you do want to participate in the race. Registration procedures and payment instructions are given on the official website.

Explanation: Due to the application of new rule 1.6 we must know the exact number of ranked drivers, to be able to add drivers from waiting list to starting list on time.

In case this does not concern you, ignore this message.

We are all glad to hear from your reactions that you enjoyed whole event. Big thanks to Tumppi and all people involved in organization for keeping the meeting running to the timetable. Special thanks to Martina Rečková and Zdena Vojtíková for whole hot week bar service.

Congratulations to all the winners. Also this time track records had to be overwritten, many new names appeared in the Track records list. To see how did everybody perform during races check detailed results. And have a look on photographs to remind those moments.

Last but not least we would like to thank to all of you racers for your interest, participation and visit, for peaceful running of the event in a friendly atmosphere and we look forward to meeting you all in October.

ISRA Worlds 2015
Organizational team

We managed to negotiate for WC participants who will stay at hotel Štiřín, a transfer from/to the airport and the city center free of charge.
Standard price of transport is around 10–15 EUR per trip per person, according to occupancy of the car.

Warm Up Race registration has been opened. We apologize for ISRA Registration delay. Registration system is more complicated than we expected and couple issues have to be solved prior opening it. We are working to start registration as soon as possible.

Rules, Timetable and Registration has been updated in Race and Warm Up Info sections.

We would like to present you a new body for class Production 1/24. The producer is Attan - code of body is 1501-007. The body for Warm-up and ISRA Worlds will be produced from lexan .007" only. The bodies will be handed out for Warm-up and ISRA Worlds. Also available body from lexan .005" (code 1501-005) for general use. The body is available now - click here.




Here you can find important information about the ISRA World Championships 2015 in the Czech Republic. The website is not yet full, but will be added continuously. We still have a lot to do. Registration for the ISRA race and Warm up opens in February.