2 - 10 October, Czech Republic - Chateau Štiřín, Prague


All classes according to ISRA Rules – Download Rulebook 2015


Production 1/24 exceptions:

Team race as well as ISRA WC – same race procedure. Each team will draw handout parts – 1 painted Body ISRA 2015 and 2 pairs of Tires ISRA 2015 (as well as on ISRA WC).

Motor – No handout – Own

  • Only following motors are allowed – MURA X12, CHAMPION X12, PROSLOT X12, KOFORD X12, RJR X12, RED FOX, CAHOZA X12.
  • Motor parts can be freely combined with each other.
  • C–can with minimum inside dimensions: height 14.2 mm, diameter 21.2 mm, length 23.5 mm.
  • You can only grind notch at the point of contact with rear axle.
  • Plastic endbell with no modification.
  • Brushes may be shunted.
  • It is allowed to replace Oilite Bushings with Ball Bearings.


  • Single ceramic magnets from manufacturers mentioned above.
  • Minimum dimensions: height 14 mm, length 11.5 mm.
  • You can only grind notch at the point of contact with rear axle, regrind inner side of magnet and roughen surface for gluing.
  • It is allowed to replace Oilite Bushings with Ball Bearings.


  • Machine wound, mass-produced, labeled X12 from manufactures mentioned above, wire diameter 0.285 mm (AWG 29).
  • Minimum lamination diameter 12.7 mm (.500"), maximum 13.2 mm (.520").
  • It must not be manually rewounded.
  • Motor shaft diameter 2 mm.


Production 1/24 body cutting rules

See images at ISRA Rules section


In case of interest, all ISRA 2015 handout parts possible to buy for practice via Registration form or at the place.

Motor ISRA 2015 manufacturer Cahoza
  C-can UL, T5 bevelled magnets, plastic endbell, ball bearings,
gold plated brush hoods, shunt wires, ballanced Koford X12 armature
  special ISRA 2015 price € 130 
Body ISRA 2015 manufacturer Attan
  BMW M4 DTM, lexan .007", painted
  price € 10
Tires ISRA 2015 manufacturer JK
  price € 10


Race procedure

Production 1/24 Qualification 2 x 30 sec (Longest distance wins)
  Finals 8 x 7.5 min (All) Result is sum of Quali and Final.
ES32, F132, ES24 Qualification 1 min (Fastest Lap wins)
  Heats 8 x 3 min (All)
  Finals 8 x 5 min (Top 16 from Heats)


Technical inspection

Scrutinised will be only max height, max width, min ground clearance and handout parts! Each driver is responsible for the legality of his model. In case of violation of any ISRA technical specification driver will be disqualified.



9 — 10 June Practice – All classes – Ticket system
11 June Production 1/24
12 June Eurosport 1/32
13 June Formula 1 1/32
14 June Eurosport 1/24

Download detailed Warm Up Timetable

* Timetable may be adjusted depending on the number of registered racers.



Trophies for Top 8 + TQ in each class
Winner of each class wins Free Entry Fee for ISRA WC in that class.