2 - 10 October, Czech Republic - Chateau Štiřín, Prague


Motor ISRA 2015 manufacturer Cahoza
  C-can UL, T5 bevelled magnets, plastic endbell, ball bearings,
gold plated brush hoods, shunt wires, ballanced Koford X12 armature
  special ISRA 2015 price € 130
Body ISRA 2015 manufacturer Attan
  BMW M4 DTM, lexan .007", painted
  price € 10
Tires ISRA 2015 manufacturer JK
  price € 10


All parts possible to buy via Registration form or at the place for practice.


Production 1/24 body cutting rules

Marks on side will guide you to trim body the right way.

Max height at rear wing 35.0 mm
Max height from track surface to bottom of bumper 12.7 mm
Min vertical edge at front 1.0 mm

Cutting – side marksCutting – rear dimensionsCutting – front dimensions


The official ISRA rulebook for 2015.

Download Rulebook 2015